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Car Care

Complete Auto Care and Maintenance

We fix everything automotive!

Quality car care service:

– Foreign and Domestic Repair and Service

– Electrical Services

– Mufflers and Exhaust

– Tune-Ups

– Oil Changes

– Brakes

– Automotive Air-Conditioning

– Automotive Heating

– Transmissions

– Engine Repair or Replacement

– Engine drivability problems: hard stops, rough idling, stalling, diminished power

– Windshield washer solvent refills and blade replacements

Stay proactive about your car care with a repair shop that handles vehicles of all types, including RVs, trucks, high-performance vehicles and family cars.
It is our desire to help you maintain your vehicle in a manner that keeps it trouble-free and fun to drive. The goal of our Service Department is to provide you with a quality service by trained Technicians at a fair price.


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